St Joseph's Academy of Nursing

About Us

History Of Our Campus

St. Joseph’s Academy of Nursing, a pioneering nursing college, under the Grace Educational Trust. Located in Umtrew, along the Guwahati- Shillong highway, it upholds traditional values, spirituality and academic excellence and provides a calm, serene atmosphere for the students. Shillong, the hill station of Meghalaya is the educational hub of the Seven Sister states of India. Along with a team of dedicated faculty we are committed to character formation, academic prowess and selfless service.

why choose us

Why St josephs academy of nursing

  • Medical Care facilities for students
    24X7 Student care Assistance
  • Well equipped labs &Training Classes
  • Highly Qualified Teachers &Trainers
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Campus
  • Excellent in providing the right quality nursing education.
  • Students are trained in the top hospitals .
  • Well Qualified & specialized teaching faculties.
  • Well equipped labs as per INC requirements.
  • Digital Library 
  • Best placement opportunities in world-class hospitals through campus selection.
  • Our students are recruited all over the world.
  • Safe and secure college environment.

Our Vision

Our educational institution was established with the aim to promote premier
nursing education to bring out service minded youth to serve humanity.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide value based education to one and all irrespective of
caste, creed and religion. To bear witness to Christ’s compassionate love with a sensitive heart and to render selfless, efficient and comprehensive nursing care.

St.Joseph's Principle
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St. Joseph’s Academy of Nursing

Philosophy of Education

Education is a life-long process, encompassing intellectual and life experiences that affect personal development. This process is best achieved in a milieu that recognizes the worth of the individual and fosters mutual inquiry. University education promotes intellectual development, assists the individual in finding a way of life that is consistent with fulfillment of one’s own needs, and enhances one’s ability to serve society. It provides individuals with a broad knowledge base and skills to think critically, communicate effectively, develop self-understanding, and adapt to and institute change. Professional education builds on this general educational base and provides individuals with a specialized body of knowledge and expertise. (2015)

Philosophy of Human Life

Each person is a unique being worthy of respect, with a personal history, intrinsic value, and a right to influence her/his destiny. Humans are integrated beings consisting of biological, psychosocial, cognitive, and spiritual aspects. Each individual is a part of the culture of her/his family, other groups, communities, and the larger society. Human beings share certain common characteristics, are interdependent, and need social interaction.

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is a systematic, deliberate caring process with individuals, families, and communities in promoting health, reducing risk, preventing disease, managing illness, and supporting clients in all phases of living and dying. This process is based on a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that incorporate the professional values of caring, respect, and a commitment to social justice. Inherent in this process is support for the dignity of the individual, advocacy for one’s right to self-determine care, and recognition of the uniqueness of each person as an individual, a family member, and a member of society. Nursing is practiced independently and collaboratively in the context of organizations and communities.


The academist provides qualified and experienced faculty to impart quality
education and developing skills and facilitate them for quality practice. Continuous
assessments will be conducted to evaluate the proficiency of the students


We are supported by a strong and efficient team to handle all the student concerns.


We Are One Of The Largest academy

We make sure that the students are exposed to different aspects of nursing care in various leading multi-specialty hospitals of Meghalaya. They get expanded training programs to acquire knowledge and skills in today’s comprehensive health care setup. As hospitals are an integral part of nursing education our students get efficient clinical experience from
leading multi-specialty hospitals with well-equipped critical care set up